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I think I get my nerdy side from my dad. At 3 years old he started to read to me every night. We mostly stuck to sci fi and fantasy and by the time I was 10 we had covered everything from King Arthur to the Hobbit and A Wrinkle in Time to the Man Who Fell to Earth (as a by product I was already familiar with most of my high school's required reading before I was finished elementary school).

He also introduced me to Marvel. We used to collect the Marvel trading cards way back in 1991. I have the "rookie" card for Ghost Rider. I hadn't read any of the comics and I wasn't familiar with the stories but I would stare at the cards and decide which heroes were the best. When I would play house with my friends, I always wanted to be She Hulk because you know, what house isn't completed without a She Hulk?

Actually now that I think about it,he also introduced me to movies too. Princess Bride and Labyrinth were staples growing up. I would watch them on a weekly basis as well as reenact scenes and play make believe games that took place in those worlds. 

When I was 19 I started working at the local Cineplex and met Dan. All my nerd interests were turned up to 11. The group of friends that we mutually hung out with welcomed me into the world of horror movies, role playing games, Doctor Who and World of Warcraft. More recently, my husband has let me into the vast universe of toy collecting and everything that goes along with that.

Now I like everything... at least temporarily. I tend to binge watch and get obsessed and then move on to something else. If you want to keep up to date with my obsessions you can follow me on Instagram @ladyadventurerforhire. Except for Wonder Woman and Xena Warrior Princess I am ALWAYS obsessed with Wonder Woman and Xena.



From early age I have been interested in fantasy worlds, I remember digging into a box in a closet to retrieve old Dragonlance paper backs when my ability to read was not all that great. But I enjoyed reading them a lot and grew to devour all sorts of Sci-fi settings in so many forms.

Not just a fan of books, I sought out all the media possible it seems like. Board games were a staple in my life from an early age and was luckily introduced early on to games beyond the standard copy of Monopoly (Nothing wrong with a game of it once in a while) and the recent revival and expansion of board games has been a lot of fun to play and introduce to others. It’s now possible to find a game for nearly everyone, whether it’s a theme, or style, or mechanic there is something out there for so many. When the group was right the Role Playing Game was the activity, what a great way to have fun and indulge and encourage all facets of imagination. My RPG collection is too large for practicality but I enjoyed not only reading them all but playing the different systems, in different worlds, creating different stories with friends for many years.

Video games have been a part of my life since I played the original Atari and Super Mario Bros., I was hooked on the challenge and skills you have to develop to beat the game or others. I have never stopped playing video games, nor have I stuck to a particular genre.  I have enjoyed so many games from a great cross section of the gaming world that I have fond memories of so many games. But, the ones that sucked me in the most over time were RPGs, the characters, stories, and strategies that can be developed and experimented with kept me coming back to the genre.

As for visual media movies have been a cornerstone of my entertainment consumption, although I feel that these days I question the choices films make story, direction, or character wise more it does not prevent me from enjoying films. I am also strange in that I hate previews, I very much like to go into most films with knowing and having seen as little as possible. This also goes for adaptations of books to film or TV, I like to read the books after because I feel it enhances the overall experience as the books of course can go into far more depth. Mix in growing up watching Dragonball, Star Trek, and other classic shows and anime I have consumed a lot of fantastic media over the years and hope to share some of that enjoyment with others.

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